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Trying to avoid animal testing

Over 100 MILLION animals

are burned, crippled, poisoned, and abused in US labs every year.

Top countries: USA, Japan, China, Australia, France, Canada, the UK, Germany and Brazil, in that order. Only 13% of all experiments are required by law (87% are obsolete or can be done in a lab without animals involved)

Trying to avoid environmentally unfriendly behaviour

Half of the world’s tropical forests has already been cleared

About 36 football fields’ worth of trees are lost every minute due to deforestation. Per year it is an area equivalent in size to the state of South Carolina (USA) or the Czech Republic.


Trying to avoid human rights violations

1.152 million children worldwide are victims of child labor

88 million are boys and 64 million are girls. 50% of child labor victims (73 million) work in hazardous child labor.

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The app is free to download and to use. We don’t want money to be in the way of changing your perception of reality. We want you too see reality as it is, without marketing and other instruments of changing your feeling about acetrain product or brand.

We want to keep GREENSTR free to use.

If you like the app, please suport us on Kickstarter or donate directly (email us for details).

We are continuing developing all functions to create the best possible experience for you and provide transparent and objective information.

GREENSTR is based on a dynamil userdriven algorithm. Basically the algorithm is collecting information about the manufacturer of the product in the moment you scan if.

With our AI-driven approach, the app is evaluating the data in terms of connection between keywords. We are filtering the sources of data and keep the tangible information as a proof for our rating. In the app you can tap on “sources” and see the collected information about every company. The rating is build by several criteria as i.e. source quality, source date.

We are happy to explain more, contact us.

Sure! You can download our iOS prototype and test it with these barcodes to have a first impression.

GREENSTR was developed in the course of several years with different experts in their field: computer scientists, graphic concepters and designers, environmental scientists and activists.

The development was funded by private donors and people believing the idea, that consumers will change their consumption patterns when given the full set of relevant information for decision making.

The rating is only built when there is enough data to make a tangible statement. From the start we designed the algorithm to be most objective and transparent in its calculation. The brain juice  of years of development has flown into that to give you the best possible information to help you making a conscious consumption decision. 

GREENSTR is designed to give you objective information about how the manufacturer company is behaving in the market.  We asked ourselves the same questions as you. How does a manufacturer taking part in economy and society ? Is the manufacturer involved in non-sustainable social, economical or ecological behaviour? 

On a shoestring, GREENSTR answers one question: Can I support a manufacturer by buying their products and have a feeling that I did something good and supported the right thing?

GREENSTR is an educational tool. It gives you objective information without judgement or inducing bad conscience.   

We are all aware that we could do things better. GREENSTR strives to educate you about what and from whom you actually buy. 

Our vision is to make high quality information available for everybody. We want to reach a critical mass of conscious consumers to convey our message to economy and politics:

We don’t want products which are manufactured using exploitation of living beings, human or non-human. We believe there are fair and sustainable ways to produce and create value without damaging the environment.

Contact us if you share our vision, we are happy to cooperate.

Currently we are searching for skilled individuals and investors who like to pursue this project with us.

We appreciate donations and invest on any of our business cases. Contact us and we start talking about how to proceed!

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Imagine what could happen, if thousands or millions of People buy in a sustainable way.

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